We Wanted to Do a Ski Trip Because We Had Never Done One Before

When I hit 45 years old, I realized that I have never been skiing before. I haven’t water skiied or snow skiied. Though, the thought of being out in the water doesn’t interest me much. Being out in the now very much does interest me. I talked it over with my husband, and he said that we should do something about it. He had heard about Niseko backcountry tours from some of his friends, so he told me to check it out online to see if it would be something we would enjoy. Excited about the thought of an upcoming vacation, I got to work with my research right away.

My son absolutely loves to get physical and be outdoors. So, I knew that he would love to hear about the vacation that I was looking into. I brought it up to him one night at dinner and his face lit up. I told him to expect that we would do it over his Christmas break from school. We just need to figure out our exact plans. He has been telling all of his friends about it since then. So, I knew that this is something that we needed to follow through with. We also told him that he can invite one friend to go with us and we will pay for everything. He decided to invite his best friend. They have been friends since they were both six years old.

Getting everything set up for our vacation was pretty easy. I just picked the country to get a tour through, and they handled everything else. It was all very professional and went very smoothly. I think this is smarter to do instead of trying to handle everything on your own. We just needed to show up at the right time, and right on schedule, the tour operator handled our schedule.

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