We Have Found a Nice House

The place is pretty small, but it is about perfect so long as it is just Mary and myself. The big thing is that we can afford this place rather easily and still have a good deal of money left over. I am going to have to figure out the process, for starters it seems pretty obvious that you need to find some company to sell you Jacksonville home owners insurance, but it is for the mortgage lender. They are going to lend you money on the idea that they are going to get it back with interest, but if you do not want to pay them, then they are going to get it back rather easily by foreclosing on the house. If they can not do that because the house has burned down, for example, then the insurance company is supposed to pay them the loan back. You definitely do not want to make too many bad loans when your job is to make loans that make a profit.

I really love the location, since I could pretty much ride my bike to work on a sunny day. It would only take about fifteen minutes and I would not really have to use the main streets where you have a lot of traffic. It is a nice pleasant ride through nice little neighborhoods and down a beautiful bike trail that leads straight to my office. Of course you have to get off of the bike and carry it about twenty yards through a patch of woods that is right behind the office. One of the guys who works in accounting has been doing this for a long time and that is how I knew what you have to do. It is a really short drive too, around five minutes at most.

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