The Tour is Going Very Well

I have been doing great, although the band is not really looking to get much bigger than it is now. Jack was burned when he was in another band, they made a record which never sold very much and the recording studio stuck them with a bill for around twenty five thousand dollars for making the album. So he is not interested in making an album unless the label is paying. We are doing great touring, just today we set up our band tent and we made a lot of money selling CD’s and t shirts and posters. Tim’s girlfriend made the posters, or at least she photographed the band and we got the posters made. That has turned out to be a great idea, although it may be selling so well since the ideas are pretty quirky. It is a really artsy thing, which you might like in a way even if you did not care about the band.

At any rate that was my job most of the day and it has become a really good revenue stream for us. In fact most of the CD’s we sell are just live performances, we have produced a few original CD’s of our own, but you can not really buy them in most places. However we have tons of live shows with hundreds of different songs on them. Of course the only real reason I would buy them is to get a signed copy, which is going to be really rare. At any rate we are doing great so far as the tour goes. The weather has been the only real issue and that did not seem to stop the fun much of the time. We did a really terrific show in the rain last weekend, people were having a great time too.

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