I Needed Something Better for My Business

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I have often heard so many other business owners talk about how their website pulls in a lot of new customers. I often kept it quiet that my own business site doesn’t seem to bring in any new customers. It’s just embarrassing to admit. But after taking a look at some of these other sites, I realized that I needed to get mine upgraded. The only way for me to do what was to find a company that does web design in Lawrenceville GA for you. I knew there are a lot of customers out there who would love to know about my product, but I just wasn’t able to reach them online with the site that I had up for so long.

I’m the one who made my original website. I know that I’m not an expert, but I found it enjoyable to do. Continue reading

Looking Forward to the New Me

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I don’t have the worst self esteem, but it is certainly not the best either. I have a feeling all of that is going to change very soon though. See, my problem is that I was born with small breasts. I thought as I got older, they would grow, but that just never happened. I dealt with a lot of bullying in school, and that made my self esteem plummet even further. Things got better when I went to college, but everything turned around for me when my best friend told me to look here at this site that reviews the top breast enhancement creams.

I had heard about these before, and I even tried one but it did not do anything for me. Continue reading

How to Make Clay

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many people find great joy in the creation of ceramics, décor made of clay. While some simply carry out art as a hobby, others earn an amount of sculpted creations. Ceramic can consist in all it’s figurines made by hand and vases ornaments complex wheel spinning, statues and bowls. A way of making pottery is buy a craft shop clay, clay onto the wheel to Polish it, shape, place in the oven so that it hardens and then paint it.

there are several different types of clay that can be purchased and used. Six basic types are the clay, stoneware, porcelain, ball clay, clay and kaolin. Loza is a porous iron clay, cooked at low temperature. Gres is a mixture of clay fired at high temperatures. Porcelain is a mixture of clays and minerals that are fired at temperatures extremely high which turns white. Ball clay is a rare mineral that has a tendency to shrink when heated. Fire clay supports well heating and can be used to create complex objects. Kaolin is a pure and white clay that can be fired at high temperatures.

Although the art of pottery items and Home News talent, authenticity can be even more domestic using a recipe for clay scratch on their products. Homemade clay is easy and fun to make. His hobby is also more cost efficient, which makes less expensive or increases any winnings from their work. Basic recipes can easily be conducted by children and adults together to sculpt a variety of ceramic creations. Consider the following great recipes homemade clay.

recipe 1-air hardened ceramic

* 2 cups water
* 3 oz sugar free jelly of lemon
* 2 cups flour
* 4 tablespoons of cream of tartar
* 1 cup salt
* 2 tablespoons vegetable oil

* put water to boil in a pan on fire.

* in a kitchen pan, mix the flour, gelatin, cream of tartar and salt.

* pour the water boiling in the bowl of flour mixture.

* add vegetable oil to the mixture.

* stir all ingredients to fire half until a ball of clay forms.

* place the ball on a plate for about 5 minutes to cool.

* once cool, knead the clay ball.

* use clay to create a ceramic sculpture.

* allow the piece to harden for at least 24 hours (may take longer depending on the density of the atmosphere and the project).

* clay can then be painted if desired.

* store any clay unused in an airtight container or bag.

recipe 2 – ceramic bake

* 2 cups flour
* 1 cup salt
* 1½ tablespoons oil
* 1 cup water directions

* add all ingredients together in a bowl until it is soft.

* form of sculpture.

* bake in oven at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes to an hour to the hardened clay.

* allow ceramic to cool.

* paint and lacquer if desired.

If you do not want to paint pottery once hardened, coloring, you can add both recipes if desired.

enjoy making your clay and make creative ceramics!


Cool Birthday Gifts: 16 Great Ideas for an Exciting Sweet 16

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turning 16 is an important milestone in the life of his friend. It is the time when young girls become ladies. How can I make his best friend special 16 sweet?

here are 16 things you can do with some birthday gifts for her fresh to make his 16 birthday memorable.

1. call or text when the clock strikes 12 and be the first to greet her.

2. post some nice pictures of the two on his Facebook Wall and send you a birthday greeting.

3. If you’re in school, have 16 companions your balloon throughout the day until she gets 16 balloons in any hand. Add cute notes or birthday to each balloon.

4. a giant handmade birthday card and all the friends write a birthday message.

5. Sixteen is usually the time when you get your driver’s license. If your best friend going to the DMV to get your license, they accompany her. She will appreciate your presence as she marks an important point in his life.

6. After she gets her license, I invite you to that leads to the spa and treating her to a day of pampering. They have nail color matching to solidify their friendship. If this is too expensive, can ask Mall or the arcade where you can enjoy the day out.

7. If she is to get a car for her birthday, she can make a car gift basket. Put an air freshener, window cleaner, road map and a road emergency kit. She finds this useful as she is driving his new car.

8. for something very personal, you can create a birthdays of friends and family video message. Just get your video camera and ask your MOM, Dad, brothers and friends to say a short message. Transfer it to a DVD. It is something is treasured and can see again and again.

9. Another great idea is to make a photo album or a book of photos. If you have been friends for years, then you probably have photos from when you were little. Include this in the book. You will be able to create lasting memories that she can look back on years from now.

10. If she likes the music, you can create a CD of his favorite songs.

11. If you like to bake, you can do your 16 cupcakes. Food is always appreciated especially when it is homemade.

12. If you are on a budget, you can take it to the dollar store. Tell her that she can choose any 16 item you want to.

13. If she is the sentimental type, he writes a letter stating the 16 reasons why you love. This will no doubt bring tears to your eyes and guarantees the best friends forever.

14. If she has a lot of trinkets and baubles, you can give your Butterfly jewelry box so she can store all your precious items.

15. If you like crafts, you can make a friendship bracelet for it symbolize the deep and lasting bond the two of you have.

16. Nothing marks the beginning of a better than a surprise 16th birthday party. Coordinate with their parents to organize one. Invite all your family and close friends to celebrate this historic day of his life.

just celebrating its sweet 16 once, so make sure that it’s a birthday you will remember for the rest of his life.


Cheer Up Your Bathing Mood With Aromatherapy Bath Bombs

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Aromatherapy is effective wonders not only for massages but also for your warm tub bathtub. The soothing scents of vital oils blend with the warm h2o and give you a enjoyable sense. Your worn out muscle mass get invigorated in a exclusive way. Nonetheless you can have far more rest if you decide for handmade warm tub fragrance recipes.

Try out utilizing different scents

It is really not very hard to generate the right fragrance for your warm tub bathtub. You can make different scents and use them for different functions. If you want to love total rest, you can attempt Lavender based scents. On the other hand if you want to promote your mind and body you can decide for scents with mint.

Get refreshed with vital oils

If you use vital oils in your warm tub bathtub, you will sense refreshed. The simple oils used in aromatherapy aid to soothe your body and mind. You can get aid from chilly and sinus. In addition these oils aid to eliminate germs in your foot and ease insignificant burns. The fundamental vital oils are extracted from Tea tree, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Lavender. If you blend all these simple oils, you can enhance your health and fitness and get rid of all illnesses. Try out to use these simple oils even though having your bathtub and give a improve to your health and fitness. You can also ease your pressure and muscle ache with these oils.

Select the right scent for warm tub bathtub

In general warm tubs have a powerful odor of Chlorine. Consequently it is really important for you to know how the scent will mix with the odor of Chlorine. Some of the floral fragrances are overpowered by Chlorine. You can include citrus based as very well as clear smelling fragrances like Lemon Oil, Vanilla or Wintergreen. Additionally you can use floral scents like Lavender, Rose and Sweet Geranium as they are powerful more than enough for utilizing in warm tub. If you are not confident regardless of whether a unique aroma will odor very good in your tub, you can look at it with one liter h2o. You can spot one liter h2o from your tub in a plastic container and mix two drops of vital oils with it. You have to blend them very well and wait for a short span of time. Then you have to odor it for checking regardless of whether the combination is making any nice odor.

Create a warm tub fragrance

In order to cheer up your bathing mood, you need to know how to generate the right warm tub fragrance. You can include your ideal vital oils in Vodka and distilled h2o. Just blend ¼ cup unflavored Vodka with two cups distilled h2o and 10 drops vital oils in a clear container. The container need to have an airtight lid. You have to seal it tightly and then retain it in a interesting and dry spot for in the vicinity of about two months. Moreover you can generate the fragrance by including nice smelling flower petals in Vodka and purified h2o. Try out to use one cup of Rose petals to the combination and retain it in the same situation for two months. You can filter out and discard the petals soon after two months. Then you can include your ideal amount of money of fragrance to your tub.

Try out the various bath bomb recipes for utilizing aromatherapy vital oils and get your ideal fragrances for your warm tub bathtub. Glance for the very best spa retail outlet on the net and order the right oils to perk up your bathing mood in an unique way.


Gilding Leather

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is the application of thin sheets of gold or other metal alloy like copper or silver, to a surface. The leaves are hand or machine the hit until they are extremely malleable and thinner than the thickness of tissue paper. Gilding was often used as decoration in covers or picture frames in the past and gives the appearance of wealth objects. When applied to the finely detailed leather, carved the effect can be quite striking. Size

you will also need an adhesive or glue to glue leaves to the leather. This glue is called size. A commercial size base works perfectly. In addition, needed the cheesecloth or other lint-free cloth, brush a hard artist to apply the leaf and some Q-tips to remove excess gold leaf, such as a pair of square ended instead of pointed tweezers to move and place the pieces of gold leaf.

dye leather first

end of an ancient as skin radiance can be applied at the end. It gives brightness and contrast and a bit removes the shine of gold. Avoid solvents classified and choose one specifically designed for the gold. A top end of leather like Super brightness can be carved leather. If this is your first attempt at the Golden, you can practice on a piece of scrap leather, first to get the feel of.

go slowly!

apply the finishing lower only to those areas that will receive the gold. Go slowly and carefully here. If you make a mistake, wait until the lower finish is sticky and then scrape gently off with an x-Acto knife. Wait until the under-end is fully dried before applying the size.

to Taky

queues vary in the length of time required to achieve a sticky State and remain viable, and this time usually indicated in the tube or flask. When a small-sized, you probably need sticky glue within an hour and it remains viable for another twenty minutes or so. Use a small brush to apply glue only to those areas that received the finish underneath. Then check adhesion, bearing in mind that the glue could reach that State prior to the indicated in the bottle, depending on variables like the heat and humidity environmental.

go to the Gild

now is the time to apply the leaf. Wash your hands to remove any oil that may affect accession and raise the blade clamps and hands. Do it in a room of air currents, as the blade is thinner than tissue paper. If necessary, trim the sheet, use a blunt of the fingernail or butter knife, placing a Suede pad sheet. Then take the sheet and apply on the area size it was, stroking down with a WAD of cheesecloth, gently at first, then gradually increasing the pressure, by pressing the sheet size.

use the brush for an artist to tamp down the blade in the detail of the carving. A hard brush, 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide works well. Pay attention to the edges, making sure that it tamped down well for a nice finish. You can brush the excess bits of foil, save in a jar for touch-ups later. Until all parts that do not adhere to are swept the brush along the edges.

leaf touches end

can now rub the gold with a soft cloth to remove buffing and smooth any wrinkles. Once the glue is completely dry, you can rub the gold a little more vigorously to achieve an antique look. This rub away from gold foil, revealing the end of insufficient dimensioning and old. Don’t overdo it though and rub only in the high points of the size by rubbing in a line on the upper parts and crests. An antique finish can be then applied, followed by a lacquer or finished clear to protect the blade wear and staining.

use tools *

gold leaf (or other metal alloy) * final minor

old * antique finish (leather glow)

* top finished leather (Super luster)

* canvas or other lint

* glue

* square tweezers, brush artist

* Q-tips

* lacquer finish or clear

* dull knife butter


* dyeing the leather to be gold or surrounding area

* apply a finish lower than the Golden zone

* apply glue to the end of minors; Wait until the adhesive before gold

* Pat Browning down, gently at first, then more firmly in the size

* Pula the Golden area with a cloth soft

* apply an antique finish, followed by a lacquer


Doctor’s Scale for Home Use

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I would like to buy a scale, like the ones that they use in the doctor’s office, because I think that would be a good way to keep track of my weight, and I would be more certain about the values that I record for my weight, than I am with an electronic scale. So I need to figure out if I can find a good price on a doctors scale and have it shipped to my house. I am fairly certain that they are not going to be cheap, not nearly as cheap as a regular bathroom scale, but that is okay, because I am really dead set on keeping accurate track of my weight, as I try to lose weight, and I think that this is going to help me a lot with my goals.

I recently realized that the electronic scale that I was using was off by quite a bit. More than that, after testing it over the course of a few days, I came to notice that the amount that the scale is off by, was drifting in both directions from day to day. Now I am sure that there are probably some electronic scales out there that are much more accurate, and less susceptible to losing their calibration.

However, I would know for certain that the measurements are accurate, if I were to use a doctors scale that has a sliding weights on it. That is because those weights are of a fixed weight, and within the tolerance of the measurements, they will not change in weight from day to day, or even month to month or year to year. I would not have to spend extra time to verify that they are measuring accurately and it would just provide me with a lot of peace of mind.

I Found My True Calling by Sticking with What I Loved

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Making sure that everything goes smoothly in any business is not done without the proper help. I am proud of what I do, and I get paid well because of the excellent service that I provide as corporate secretary to a great company. I have been doing this for about 20 years. Over the years, I moved up the ranks and have really this as a full time job. I always said that I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, so I became a secretary due to my lack of college degree. But I’ve moved up the ranks and provide my service in corporate situations now and have made a great career out of it.

I guess that you could say that I was rebel as a teen. Continue reading

A Permanent Help Was Needed After My Temporary Solution Didn’t Work

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I’m not sure why it happened, but somewhere in my forties, I suddenly had peach fuzz showing up on areas of my body where I don’t want it showing up. This was happening on my cheeks, the side of my neck and above my upper lip. I thought i was the only one who could see it at first, but then my brother joked about me having a mustache. As soon as that happened, I started looking for a place that offers permanent hair removal in Singapore to help get rid of it.

I’m not very vain, but when it comes to thinks showing up on my body where I don’t want them is something that bothers me. Continue reading

Keeping Customers Happy is Very Important

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I found this really great website by FOTO88 that offers a wide assortment of corporate gifts. It was really helpful in showing me what things are appropriate to give to clients in an executive setting. I’m new to the corporate world and I’m doing my best not to make any missteps. But that said, it is a lot easier than I though. It’s fun and exciting to have a great job. I also love meeting all the new people that I have had a chance to meet this year since starting with my new position.

I work in sales. It is my job to help to keep some of our biggest clients happy and to thank them for our business. Continue reading

I Found Old Coins in a Box

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I don’t know anything about coins other than the basics. I know that a quarter is worth 25 cents typically, though some can be worth hundreds or even thousands if it is the right one. How someone can tell this is beyond me, but I am glad that people who can understand coin appraisal in Nashville exist. That’s because I bought a box of knick knacks at an auction, and there were quite a few old coins mixed in with everything. Some of the coins dated back just a few decades, but there were several that were from the 1800s too.

I knew that they might be worth something, but I was not sure. None of them were in perfect condition, but most were in good shape. Continue reading

Guaranteed to Drop Weight Safely

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We’ve all seen the lose weight quick type stuff. I’ve tried more than a few and usually there aren’t easy answers. Then I tried skald oxydynamic fat scorcher and dropped the pounds faster than I thought possible. The reason I needed to lose weight is one many of us have gone through, namely I decided to attend a high school reunion and couldn’t imagine showing up with a muffin top. We’ve all been there. I was quite the athlete back in those days and it was unthinkable to me that someone who last saw me when I was in great shape at eighteen would suddenly be jarred by my portly form twenty years later. I knew I needed to try something.

So a friend pointed this stuff out to me and said they’d tried it to enhance their energy level and it worked. Not only did they have a better energy level, they also noticed they took off some excess weight. They hadn’t taken anything else so it had to be the fat scorcher. I figured I would give it a shot. Who doesn’t want more energy and weight loss?

It worked! The most important thing to me is that I noticed the natural ingredients. There’s some caffeine, but mostly it’s herbs and things like bitter orange extract and yohimbe. The bioperine black pepper extract is for better absorption of the other ingredients. All the ingredients come together to work quickly and safely. There’s nothing in here that’s a problem to take as long as you follow the directions. I’m not going to say it worked overnight, but it definitely worked and in a way I feel safe about using. The weight came off without dropping off so fast that you would feel weird about it. I definitely recommend this to anyone trying to shed the pounds.

We Are Meant to Be in Antioch

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My husband has been applying to jobs in the south for a while. It is not that he didn’t like living in New York, but it was just not home. He was born and raised in the south, so when he was offered a position at the Nashville International Airport, he immediately said yes. He knew that I was okay with it, because we had talked about moving for a couple of years. We looked at a map and decided that we would look at apartments in Antioch Tennessee first.

We did not want to be right in the city of Nashville, but we also did not want to be so far away that it would take him an hour to get to work. Living in Antioch seemed like a good compromise. It was much smaller and less hectic than Nashville, but it was only a hop, skip and jump away for the times we wanted to go there. Continue reading

We Wanted to Hear from Everyone in the Family

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I thought it best that our entire family go together to Revere Beach apartments for rent instead of me going alone. I just think it’s best to include everyone who will be living there in order to make everyone feel included. That said, my husband and I would be making the final decision and thinking about the things that include the most weight. We would not be allowing our children to run the show, and we would simply ask them things about what they like about the playgrounds outside or what did they think of the size of the bedrooms. We would, of course, listen to their answers and allow them to have some weight, if the sitution is appropriate.

We think that it’s important to give everyone in the family a voice during certain situations because of the fact that my dad was sort of a tyrant about leaving me and my siblings out. Continue reading

Cables for a New Phone

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When I upgraded to a new phone, there was one thing that I didn’t consider, and that was that I would need to buy Apple cables. My old phone came with a cable, but this cable had a different connector than the one that my new phone used. The new phone has its own included cable, but it’s much too short for me to use in a normal manner. This special cable transfers data faster than regular cables, which is a huge bonus for times when I need to move files back and forth between my phone and my computer.

I like to have at least 6 feet of cable for my electronic devices, because I feel that is the most comfortable length without being too long. Anything more than 6 feet will need to be wrapped up and tied multiple times to make it more compact. Continue reading

A Great Home to Raise a Family in

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I started looking at Santa Barbara real estate websites a few months ago. My husband and I are expecting twins in the spring, and I wanted to find us a bigger house to start our family in. He doesn’t care where we live as long as it is not too far from his office, so I looked only at houses that are within ten miles of where he works. I had found a few that I really liked, but there was something wrong with them in one way or another. Last week, when I did my search again for new properties, I knew as soon as I saw one that it was where we would raise our children. Continue reading

What Size Should a Handmade Greeting Card Layer Be?

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the most common size is a quarter inch larger than the piece of cardboard that you’re making a layer or mat. If that sounds big, it is not really. The layer, or the mat, is a quarter of inch more large in height and width, but only you gives a 1 / 8 “in each one of them four sides.

of course, you can make layers more large or more small for the appearance desired, but is is 1 / 4 “more large is the size more common that is uses a card making layer.

there are times that you want a layer of smaller halos to provide a touch of an accent color. As well as, there are times that a larger layer is attractive.

a word of CAUTION: when you choose to make a layer of smaller halos, as 1/4 “larger in width and height, only gives you a 1/8” in each of the four sides. This is when you need to take extra care in measuring and cutting with precision. Is that with a variation so small in sizes between the layers, is very obvious when is off; It will make your made greeting card hand less attractive.

let me give you another touch to make layers of mats for your handmade cards: measure your first layer stock from card to the nearest 1/4 “increase. Then it is easy to make the next layer because we recognize quickly measures 1/4 “, 1/2”, 3/4 “and one full inch.”

there will be times when the layer of the perfect size with an increase of 1/8 “because 1/4” simply does not look right for one reason or another. Will now have to learn to read 1/8 “, 3/8”, 5/8 “, 7/8”. The more you do, the easier it is.

If you go to any less than 1/16 “, need to be adjusted accordingly. To make the easy card, do everything possible to cut the layers in increments of 1/4 “. You will find most common layer size will be that it will be 1/4 “larger.

too many times I’ve seen take card manufacturers a piece of cardboard to the cutting machine and the court regardless of the size to which being cut. Then when you want to make a coat for him, “eyeball” instead of measuring the cut layer. This almost always makes a tilted mat and is downright sexy.

layers for your handmade greeting cards is easier when trying to keep the layers to 1/4 “measures.


We Are Thoroughly Enjoying Our Bellewoods Executive Condo

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The dream of having the perfect home to live in seems universal. Family and a safe and comfortable place to live are at the core of what human beings need. Sure, we could get by in Spartan structures that have little convenience, but the desire for most is to live in comfort with touches of luxury that suit our lifestyles. This is why we picked the Bellewoods EC to purchase a condominium. We wanted a nice place with a lot of water. We are both kind of fanatic about swimming for exercise.

The one thing we really like about Singapore living are the giant swimming pools. During off-peak hours, the pools offer vast areas to swim in. They are big in order to hold the number of people who may use them. Continue reading

Best Glues and Adhesives For Handmade Cards

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the best glues for handmade cards is the types of glue that adheres to the materials you choose with your handmade cards. Some queues are for specific materials, such as paper and do not work well with other materials, such as fabric. The best glues to make handmade cards is that adhere indefinitely and will not disrupt the final design of the card with unsightly lumps or excess glue dry.

to the make cards made hand, also can come to know that there are other forms for adhering materials that not involve glue. For example, many experienced craftsmen made card hand sewn items and ornaments on their cards instead of using glue. Others find that it double sided tape or adhesive spray work better with the types of hand made cards that create.

here there is a breakdown of the types of common materials used to make handmade cards and the best glues or adhesives for this type of material:

adhere the paper to the paper
glue paper to paper is the most common combination used for the manufacture of handmade cards. The best types of glue used for hand made cards when working with paper are those types of glues and adhesives that do not create lumps. Double-sided permanent tape is a great adhesive for use when attaching the paper to other pieces of paper. Double-sided tape allows the crafter more control over where the adhesive is placed and is a very flat type of adhesive that will not result in lumps on the cards. Many scrapbookers choose double-sided as your primary adhesive tape when working with attached photos and other mementos of paper in a scrapbook. Paper ornaments accession

embellishments like buttons, silk flowers, and other small items, are often used to make homemade cards. There are some types of glue that to use these types of ornaments. Clear drying sticky glue work queue better, most of the time, as Elmer or Aleene tails, they are ideal for decorations attached to handmade cards. For a stronger adhesive, you can use a glue gun hot with dry clear glue sticks. When using transparent drying adhesives or glue sticks hot remember allow the glue to dry completely before handling the card again.

attach the fabric to the paper
different types of fabrics are a great way to add dimension and texture to a homemade card. If you use light, such as lace or cotton fabrics, you may consider using spray adhesive. Spray adhesives give the back of the fabric a pleasant light viscosity layer. Light viscosity allows you to attach the fabric to the card without any lumps. If you use a heavier fabric, such as denim, then you might consider sewing the edges of the fabric to your card or they can be considered a glue for fabric. When using glue for fabric should extend as thin glue and as evenly as possible. Once the fabric is in place, you could choose to take a bone folder or the edge of a ruler to straighten out until it dries. This will help ensure that there are no lumps or bubbles of air under the fabric.


Handmade Card Making Supplies

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more than the handmade card making supplies listed here, that probably you have, either in hand or around the House. Don’t run out to the store and buy before looking around…

I’m sure you’ll find supplies make cards that you can use to create your very own creative cards…

a continuation card made supplies I have listed that most people use to create cards of… Paper

card Discover paper supplies.

different types of paper can be used to be creative…

you can walk at any crafts store and see that they have great varieties of all kinds of paper, from plain to glitter a decorative extra fine rice paper. It is endless…

a times I cannot resist the temptation to buy all these different types of paper, but in the end are going to be expensive! You figure ranging from 59 cents to 1.99 per sheet! It’s crazy!

like being mind and get more of what I’m going through. It is good to negotiate with various craft stores before making a purchase. But some of us have to go out of our way to do it!…

Tip: using what he has and hopes for sales and discounts…

card that makes sources of paper is can buy to bulk, the stock and equipment. Sometimes we see the kits and only want certain designs or textures. Then we went to individual paper and end up spending $20 for 20 sheets when you can spend $20 to 200 sheets.

I learned that when you purchase the package that not only you save, you will find the use of all the designs for future cards!

Tip: always maintain their waste. They are practical to decorative punches, collages and even the envelopes! Use their waste to decorate envelopes… So you can never lose or throw paper!

after a while the paper can be expensive, so try to make each use, recycling and reuse for other projects.

purchase card paper supplies…

stock of cards

that are grooves rather than paper. They can be bright, regular rugs or mats, textured or glittered. You can already buy a whole sheet or cut. They offer shares of card by dark colors, pastel colors or themes, school, baby and so strong and range of different sizes

card Kits card equipment

are the previously folded card stock. Same as basic blank cards. They come with envelopes to game.

some craft shops also offer kits with decorative paper and cut with a single price inks from 3.99 5.99! These are good for gifts, beginners or even children!

supplies of paper making card are everywhere… Get them here online or any craft shops close in you…

there are many creative projects that can be created using different types of paper…

I hope that you found this site useful for your creative card ideas!

remember that many trees are being cut down to help us create our creations! Please Recycle! Envelopes

create homemade envelopes that match your creative cards… Instead of giving standard size envelopes that are flat. Not use your left over scraps to decorate… turn the envelopes into a work of art!

Tip: If you are mailing your creative cards, make sure not to decorate the places where the address is written to and from and where the postage stamp. Make sure that weighed before shipping out as shipping costs may vary!

a day had left over debris from the creation of a birthday card. I said, I don’t want the card to be very pleasant and the envelope will be very clear. So I decided to take all traces left behind which a birthday card and created my own unique envelope!

you can do almost anything with your envelope, using several handmade card making supplies.

cutting pad / art knives / scissors Clipper

when creating cards, good cutting tools is important. Here are some basic card manufacture of tools you’ll need to get a neat professional appearance.

Court – Mat cutting

come in various sizes and are available in any craft shops. Choose one that is large enough to cut from large-size paper. I have a x rug blue 23inches 23inches squares as I put on my work table. It’s a perfect size!

Tip: can be considered the purchase of a smaller for trips or small pieces of paper

knife / scissors

art knives and scissors is a necessity for the card cutting tools. Many craftsmen like me love to use x-Acto craft knives. It is ideal for detailed paper cut or to cut large sheets of paper

for those who have difficulty to handle sharp knives, I advise you to use an x-Acto knife which is more secure than a scalpel.

Tip: discovered that many craftsmen to local medical providers and buy KAI No.3 surgical knife and leaves, that will last long enough

scissors is another type of cutter that vary in luxury designs. It is use of basically all the purposes of the Court. Use a large pair for cutting large sheets and a small sharp for cutting small and detailed…

important: Please keep all objects away from children!

Tip: If you do not have any caps for your knives of used corks for bottles. It will prevent any type of incident

Trimmers for paper / paper cutters

a paper cutter is another one of my journals, cutting tools. It is good to cut photos, precision cutting and different sizes of paper. Use it to cut large sheets of paper for direct sizes for my decisions of the card.

hope you find cutting tools right that needs professional cutting neat for all your creative cards!

adhesives / tape / glue sticks

adhesives, adhesive tape and glue sticks are basic card handmade manufacture of inputs required for the card more creative projects. If you do a collage or just a simple card creative photo… More information

find the right card manufacture of glue and adhesive is important. You want your cards creative to last as long as possible and with the right glue and adhesives, you help ensure!

here is a guide to help you choose the appropriate card manufacture of glue and adhesives that you can find at any craft store.

understand the differences between types of adhesives, tapes and adhesives in spray… Do not list any brand in particular use as all over the world prefer different types.

use this guide to experiencing your own brand one and use it for your budget needs and is tailored to your type of project.

Let’s start…

double sided tape

when the tape of most of us here believe that Scotch tape. Double-sided tape is ideal for photos and that sticks to the paper.

many scrap bookers and I like to use this type of tape. It can be costly. I prefer to use many double sided tape for card making. Only to create creative photo cards.

Tip: Scotch tape can be used for all creative card making, if you prefer to use tape sided! Bars

glue glue is CHEAP and easy to use. That varies from size feather type ranging from the glue stick great dispenser of glue sticks. There are glue sticks colored to help, especially when working with children.

personally I don’t like using glue sticks to create cards because it is not permanent. Thus non-stick, or adhere very well. I prefer to use another type of card making glues and adhesives. But this is for children!

hot tail

hot glue comes in the form of solid sticks of glue are put through a hot and used glue gun. I use hot glue guns for all my card making crafts. ES ideal for embellishments (such as buttons and flowers, etc…) and save money compared with buying Ribbon…

glue guns are relatively cheap, you could get a glue gun and glue sticks to more stores of crafts from $3 – $10. Glue sticks usually comes in packs of 25-100 for a few dollars more.

glue is believed spider as strings, but don’t worry can be easily rubbed off. They also offer glitter glue sticks that you can use with glue gun hot, if it is clear…

cement of rubber

is of rubber cement tail thick and creamy that will dry clear. They can form either a permanent or temporary link depending on how it is applied

comes in a dark brown bottle and a hat with an attached brush applicator. It can be messy and is ideal for the production of all paper. Personally I do not use it for any creative cards as I have always had bad luck with it sticks permanently. Also the smell can be overwhelming after a long period of time

self adhesive foam circles

or square mounting foam adhesive are usually made of foam thickness and are adhesive on both sides. They come in various sizes. Do not use any of these!


budget mind pepersonas: buy regular foamies which are 2mm thick and cost me solo.49 cents! For a size 9 x 12 sheet. Shorter that however the size or shape that I need it, then add a little of my glue gun glue and it is good to go! Buy 2 sheets of white or black and it lasts me for est. 30 cards

is very good for 3-d effects and make him want to pop! You can be stacked one on top of the other for additional height. It is also ideal for labeling.

spray adhesive Spray

glue can be used for paper, fabric even photos. I’ve never used adhesive spray for any of my creative cards because I feel that it is better to use it for larger projects such as posters, large photos, creative boxes.

have seen other lovers of the card! And it turned out very well. I’m going to highlight a card using spray adhesive. So check behind that link and I can share everything with you!

adhesive glue

sticky glue is one of the many card making adhesive used to create cards. It is Elmer durable then regular glue. Dries transparent and creates a long-lasting bond. Be sure to read the label to see what type of material is best used with.

Tip: If you’re in a rush or hurry to get a fact card. Do not use sticky glue. Has been a long process for drying and recommend it dry during the night.

I don’t like to use my card because when it dries, you can see the creation of the right tail through the paper.

glue feathers

the tail feathers are great for precision sizing. It works well with brightness and for more detailed designs.

points of glue / glue Roller

there are many different sizes of spots of glue and many varieties of rolls of adhesive. They are really great because they are not dirty and are very sticky. I don’t like using them because they are very expensive. But it’s a big expensive glue for your creative card creations! UHU glue

glue UHU comes in a tube and stick. Many prefer to use as your brand one because it sticks better than others. All access of tail can be rubbed once dry, using a clean pencil eraser. I have never tried it, but I’ve read great reviews about it! Ink pads and ink

ink and stamps are mainly used for booking purposes scrap and rubber stamping all.

you can now create different techniques just to know what kind of ink and stamps work best for you!

use this guide to help you decide which type should be used best with your type of projects…

when I started I used basic colors. I suggest for starters, only that you would like to use the following colors also:

* black



* Green

* Red

* and blue

below are 6 types of ink I am familiar with the use of…

the final pigment ink is Color is a great inexpensive option. Works really well and I would like to use it for many of my creative card.

Studio G acid free ink pigment can be always on sale. I bought these for a $1 and it works very well with small stamps design. When times are hard is the way to go for the cheaper pads

Versa Mark Watermark Stamp pad is a must own. I use this type of ink pad for all my creations of rubber stamping. With it you can create very cool looking watermarks on note cards and envelopes.

pillow of pigment ink gloss creates a unique look of stamped images. I just use this type of ink. But they are often used by many lovers of the card.

Stazon buffers are solvent tampons and definitely the gum stain. It can be used for any surface such as stamping on plastic.

Tip: use wet wipes for cleaning your coupons.

also could as free dye ink pads acid memories. This type of ink pad is specially made for stamps from Hero Arts shadow. I like to use soft vanilla and soft sheet. I do not recommend the use of gold and silver because look at the finish, is going to be terrible. You can decide!

decorative hits

just use any decorative card punches, but know many lovers of creative card making and I love them!

some have intricate designs that many love to use it to create handmade cards.

when you first start making homemade cards, just need to get some. Personally never bought any because they are just too expensive.

but these decorative designs can last a lifetime and once you start using them you will notice its so easy to use and fun to create cards of designable with!

here are some of the basic patterns that you might like:

* beats of corner or corner rounder. great there to use if you want to round the corners. I like to use them with photos.

* shock of basic form. squares, diamonds, circles, triangles, rectangles, hearts etc… They also vary in size.

* long reach punches. allows quete deepest strike inside a card or any art project.

* leaves and flowers: If you like floral designs. They have a great selection in the leaves and flowers that can be used for any garden or flower card ideas you have in mind

* stroke support. this is a great tool especially for those who love to hit much. I have a friend that has one and you will love this tool. It is one of their favorites.

card making embellishments

use this guide below to see some of the many creative card making embellishments you can use in your creative cards…

there are many things that we would like to consider using our cards. Here are some card making embellishments that can be used to add glamour and 3-d effects to their card creations.

many of these ornaments are like stickers, eyelets, tassels, brightness, and many more.

Creative card making embellishments:

* slots: there are many ways to use eyelets. It is ideal for fixing of transparent plastic, vellum and tags for any home card. You can use for his punches hole in the card and woven wire through it.

* Brads: are similar to the slots but Brads do not have a hole through them. There also is ideal for tags and accessories. Some come in designs decorated like flowers, buttons and the flakes of snow. Also come in color coordinated with stations.

* buttons : before launching any buttons loose. Keep them. Make ornaments great card for any card. Had used in an idea creative card of Christmas and them hung on the tree as ornaments. So don’t throw towards outside.

* the grains of the alphabet: you can cadENA’s names, words or words for example… “L-o – V-E” or “B-a – B-Y”, birthday, wedding or even personal names.

most creative card making embellishments…

* fibers : locate any fibers may have laying around or just happen to come across. They are great for hang tags, lining of envelopes, stringing letters as their alphabet beads and create arcs.

* metallic threads: come in many different colors and are ideal to create creative tassels. It can also be used to create embroidery cards.

* tape: I love to go to tape my envelopes with the line or arches. Tapes you can connect to any of your creative homemade cards.

Tip: you can find many embellishments card use, as in their wardrobes, drawers, storage containers. Remember to search before you throw everything away. Even friends and family have some things could recycle and use your card to make ornaments.

seal of rubber

all about rubber stamping supplies.

below are some of the more common rubber creative sealing of supplies and tools that have already be used or is van to use to the create cards creative.

rubber stamps comes in many forms of variety: seals, seals of wood, felt seals and rubber Eraser pads that can even create clear stamps.

personally I dislike both use stamps. I feel that seals can be used in many ways and only have so many designs before many will use the same stamps.

Although the gum of stamping can become addictive when you start to create creative cards. You’ll want to own every image and every design that exist for every occasion.

supplies creative rubber stamping come in forms, images, scripts and can be worked with many creative card ideas.

here are techniques that you can use with all their rubber stamps:

can be:

* print

* paper


the watermark * Simple sealing

* decorate envelopes

* funds

* and many more!

here are some of the basic creative rubber stamping supplies that will make any card making.

remember, no need for some can even be replaced with items around the House.

* labels clear: clear discount coupons can in fact be costly. Most of them not come even with blocks clear for you to put your stamp and create clear images. So before you buy stamps clear think its expensive price.

* woodland seals: are the most common stamps that has existed for many years. Its cheap and some come with tree-lined streets, but that’s OK because some do not need them. They have a wide range of selections of the variety to choose. This is where I would start. Here is a guide to recommended ink and ink pads.

* seals of roll: I like to call them roll stamps, since rolling out borders beautiful on your cards. They are great for the creation of borders on labels, cards and envelopes.

Tip: use wet wipes to clean all your rubber stamps. Rinse and allow to dry. Don’t buy expensive cleaners seal while they do not work like baby wipes. She gets clean!

creative rubber stamping tools…

* heat gun: Milwaukee heat gun is one of the most favorable gun used for recording in relief. It’s cheap and does the job well. I have heard of people who actually use plates which may be sufficient, but I would not have the opportunity to burn the letters.

* brayer: that brayer is useful when creative cards are created. It is to create the Fund of any card or envelope or any creative project you have in mind. Roll on any platform of multicolored, obtain evenly on the rubber ink and rolling! You probably want to include this tool in its creative roster of rubber stamping supplies if you don’t have one yet.

* embossing markers: can apply you directly to your rubber stamps using different colors for the image. Let them dry and then add powder embossing on them. Then use them and apply them to your cards. I’ve learned that clear embossing powder works best!

Tip: be sure to store your bookmarks in a cool place to prevent dehydration.

today there are many images of rubber stamping companies with the artist in the House design so. Check out the different companies and see what kind of rubber seals will work best for you.

once you make an investment in stamps, there are many nice projects you can do with them and is going to last a long time.

I hope that all these handmade card tools that were useful for you!. I think you have to go out of their way to buy all this. Start small and once you get to make your own favorite hobby something is card making or scrapbooking, gradually begin to collect many of these supplies. And without realizing you’ll have a whole collection! Have fun and enjoy creating creative crafts.