No More Peanut Brittle for Me

I love the stuff, but this is all that I am going to have. From now on I am going to have to figure out some other way to get my snack on. In fact I bought the stuff while I was running errands for the boss. I picked up something to drink and got some gas, the peanut brittle was at the counter. At any rate I bit into it and it broke one of my wisdom teeth. Surprisingly it did not hurt at first, but eventually a Long Beach dentist had to pull the tooth so that it would stop hurting. I was pretty happy when it came out, but I really hated the novocaine. That stuff is just awful in my opinion. They stick you with and it gives me the shivers for some reason. I just really hate those needles of that stuff. It is strange, since I really do not bother very much with the usual needles. They hurt, but I can live with it.

At any rate the doctor prescribed me some Oxycontin after the fact, but I looked at him like he was insane. I wanted to have nothing to do with the stuff and I told him this story about this guy I knew who had gotten hooked on the stuff. He had actually broken his own arm so that he could go to the doctor’s office and cry to them about how bad the pain was. I was in some pain once the novocaine wore off, but I never even thought about the prescription. I got a couple of aspirin, but they did not cover up the pain too much. I did not care that much about the pain. We are not going to be taking any chances with something that dangerous.

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