My New Dog is Really Strong

I am really amazed by how powerful this new dog is. He is not a big dog, but he seems to have a lot of powerful genes. At the moment I have to try to find a way to buy dog leash that is going to help him learn how to stay in gait with me. I do not really want to have to fight the dog all of the time when we are walking and of course I have a neighbor who is prone to getting excited. This dog has gotten loose a few times and he tries to act like he is really scary, but only because he knows that the guy is afraid of him. It is really funny, but the fact is that the guy calls the police and I have to tell them that the dog got off of his collar. In fact he broke the thing and it seems like he can break or chew through just about any device that I get. The last one was a harness made out of really thick nylon, which is supposed to be proof against that sort of thing.

At any rate I need to teach this dog how to behave, but so far he thinks that he does what it is that he wants to do. I am not sure that I have ever seen a dog that is this good at breaking the stuff that is supposed to restrain him. It is not like he should be so powerful, the thing weighs about sixty pounds and it is still a puppy. So you would think that it would not be that big of a problem to keep it on a leash or to keep a collar from being broken by the dog. However so far it can bust them all.

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