Letting My Daughter Have Some Control Will Help Her in Her Adult Life

My daughter had a style of her own from a very young age. Now, she dresses differently than most girls at her school, and I love it. She’s very creative. The other day, she wore a black gothic dress and a pair of boots that have cat faces on the front. She looked so cute. Now, there is a growing group of girls at her school who try to copy of her style of clothing. She has quite the following now!

We fought about with things that my little girl would wear to school starting in kindergarten. I often wanted to dress her in the same types of things that all the other mothers. ideas of her own. I would try to put a matching outfit on her, she would. She, at only 5 years old, Wanted to mix things up a bit. I had purchased a tutu for her to wear at home to. She wanted to wear to school. So she would put that on with a cute rainbow t-shirt and a pair of pink sneakers. I finally gave up and let her own style come through. It made both of us happy.

Currently, my daughter is attending college in another state so that she can get a degree in fashion merchandising. It makes me very proud. I knew that she loved fashion from a young age, but I never imagined that she would turn it into something that would help her future career. Some moms can be very stifling and try to put an end to things that kids choose to do on their own. I’m not that sort of mom. I’m so glad that I allowed her to be who she wants to be, and I’m glad that allowing her to build on her own fashion sense is leading to a good future for her.

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