I’m So Happy There is Help for My Child Now That He Needs It

I know that drug abuse is a widespread problem. I also know that many other parents that have run into trouble with it with their children. I had hoped to escape that with my own child, but that was not to be. Just recently, he was admitted to a Florida opiate detox center because of the drugs that he has been taking over the past year. I am not happy that he was doing them in the first place, but I am so happy that I found out before what he was doing could ruin his life. I am also glad that he agreed to go to rehab so that he can try to get better.

I have never been married, so I have always been a single mother. I have tried to do the best that I could for my son at all times. I have to work because I can’t afford not to work. When my child Grew Older and soon became a teenager, I did find myself worrying times about what kind of trouble he could get you while I was away from home. I always try to make sure to come home from work as soon as my work hours were over so that I could be with him. That was always possible, and he fell into a bag of friends. I tried not to stress too much about what he could get in through because I had no choice to be away from home due to work.

His school called me one day to let me know that he came to class and he had been he was high on drugs. That is how I found out about it. I set him down and showed him articles online about what has happened to other people who do. I explained that he could lose his wife, I should explain that it would ruin his life over time, even if he didn’t die. I also explained that he was going to go to a rehab center and get himself better so that he can gain his life back.

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