I Just Got to Jakarta

I have just gotten here to Indonesia, and of course the company is not really happy to have me there. This is not like any other assignment, since the country has a very strong Islamist movement and large numbers of active militants. So they have me in a rather secure area, I moved in this morning. A place called Logistik in Jakarta moved all of my stuff in for me. I brought along a big container that we had airlifted in from Melbourne. The house is inside a gated community with security, because obviously if you are a Westerner in this country then you have to think about your security. I do not think that the fear of kidnapping is nearly so great as it is in Mexico, which is entirely different. There they kidnap random people and hold them hostage for a couple hundred bucks. It is really difficult for you to not be afraid there, since the level of lawlessness is quite incredible.

It is a beautiful country, but this is a really crowded city. They gave me a driver, a former soldier who carries a gun and keeps an assault rifle under the seat of the car. They do not call him a bodyguard, but it is pretty obvious that this is what he is. He and his wife live in the guest quarters at the house, she cooks and cleans. That is rather unusual for me of course. I am used to living in my own debris and some times I forget to look for things in the places where they are supposed to be. Next week I am planning to take a trip to Java. I went there a very long time ago and thought it was a wondrous place, but I did not have time for a tour back then.

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