I Finally Found Something That I Have Fallen in Love with

I grew up with a family who liked to collect things, and they were interested in a lot of different things that I didn’t care about. I always wondered why I wasn’t the same. My dad really love old trucks, my grandpa love to collect coins, my brother was really big into stamps, and even my mom and sister liked to collect and had interests, too. It wasn’t until I saw a 2015 Ferrari F12Berlinetta in person that I found myself obsessed with something. It was a beautiful sight to behold in person. I saw it at a car show. My buddy, Greg, dragged me there, but after that, nobody had to ever drag me again. I was interested in going on my own from then on out.

My mom collected cats. She took in a lot of the neighborhood that the other people in the neighborhood ignored. She didn’t have all that many, but I love that she took care.of around 7 of them. That was her thing. She was the one that told me that one day I would find something interesting enough to be obsessed with, too. My sister was into high fashion, and dolls. She used to tease me that I was an alien, and that’s why I didn’t really care about anything on this earth like she and the rest of my family did. When I was really young, I believed her. When I grew older, I realized that she was just teasing me.

I was 45 when I saw my first Ferrari at that car show that I mentioned above. My buddy was really into cars, and had been since he was a kid. Talking crap about them, but that never did anything for me like seeing them in person did. Now, I love to subscribe to sports car magazines and frequent all the different sites that showcase high performance vehicles. I have decided that I will one day own one of my own, but for now, I simply like learning about them and figuring out which one I will one day own.

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