Corporate Trophy is Worth a Hefty Sum

We were going to use a goblet as an award this year. It was to have a value of $10,000 at a minimum. It is a corporate prize that is awarded with cash for the competitors that are part of the management team. I was asked by the CEO to come up with a nice design for the goblet using smoky quartz gemstones. I found a source online for smoky quartz, and they had a certified gemstone that was almost 2,000 carats in size. It was perfect for use as the central stone in the goblet design that was going to be made of silver with hammered gold bands around it along with more gemstones.

The final cost for the goblet design topped out at a bit over the minimum. I know when they give me a minimum to exceed it but not by too far. I could have done a design using all gold and diamonds, but the budget would have had to be 10 times as much for the trophy. I got to hand it to them that they do not hand out cheap mass-produced trophy items. Each year the award is valuable and very unique. The lower management winners get a goblet with much less gold and much smaller smoky quartz gemstones. It is still worth a nice amount of money though.

Frankly, I would prefer just having a cash award, but the tradition here is to have something to keep and look at for years to come. I would have a hard time not selling it to get something else, but that’s just me. Anyway, I picked a goblet design that is a pretty standard shape except for a large square block on one side to hold the large smoky quartz stone I sourced at an online gem supplier. The stone comes with a certification that is included with the goblet. The trophy is under glass on top of a wooden pedestal that has a drawer with a leather book with the gem certification and information about the prize. It came out really nice.

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