Best Glues and Adhesives For Handmade Cards

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the best glues for handmade cards is the types of glue that adheres to the materials you choose with your handmade cards. Some queues are for specific materials, such as paper and do not work well with other materials, such as fabric. The best glues to make handmade cards is that adhere indefinitely and will not disrupt the final design of the card with unsightly lumps or excess glue dry.

to the make cards made hand, also can come to know that there are other forms for adhering materials that not involve glue. For example, many experienced craftsmen made card hand sewn items and ornaments on their cards instead of using glue. Others find that it double sided tape or adhesive spray work better with the types of hand made cards that create.

here there is a breakdown of the types of common materials used to make handmade cards and the best glues or adhesives for this type of material:

adhere the paper to the paper
glue paper to paper is the most common combination used for the manufacture of handmade cards. The best types of glue used for hand made cards when working with paper are those types of glues and adhesives that do not create lumps. Double-sided permanent tape is a great adhesive for use when attaching the paper to other pieces of paper. Double-sided tape allows the crafter more control over where the adhesive is placed and is a very flat type of adhesive that will not result in lumps on the cards. Many scrapbookers choose double-sided as your primary adhesive tape when working with attached photos and other mementos of paper in a scrapbook. Paper ornaments accession

embellishments like buttons, silk flowers, and other small items, are often used to make homemade cards. There are some types of glue that to use these types of ornaments. Clear drying sticky glue work queue better, most of the time, as Elmer or Aleene tails, they are ideal for decorations attached to handmade cards. For a stronger adhesive, you can use a glue gun hot with dry clear glue sticks. When using transparent drying adhesives or glue sticks hot remember allow the glue to dry completely before handling the card again.

attach the fabric to the paper
different types of fabrics are a great way to add dimension and texture to a homemade card. If you use light, such as lace or cotton fabrics, you may consider using spray adhesive. Spray adhesives give the back of the fabric a pleasant light viscosity layer. Light viscosity allows you to attach the fabric to the card without any lumps. If you use a heavier fabric, such as denim, then you might consider sewing the edges of the fabric to your card or they can be considered a glue for fabric. When using glue for fabric should extend as thin glue and as evenly as possible. Once the fabric is in place, you could choose to take a bone folder or the edge of a ruler to straighten out until it dries. This will help ensure that there are no lumps or bubbles of air under the fabric.


Handmade Card Making Supplies

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more than the handmade card making supplies listed here, that probably you have, either in hand or around the House. Don’t run out to the store and buy before looking around…

I’m sure you’ll find supplies make cards that you can use to create your very own creative cards…

a continuation card made supplies I have listed that most people use to create cards of… Paper

card Discover paper supplies.

different types of paper can be used to be creative…

you can walk at any crafts store and see that they have great varieties of all kinds of paper, from plain to glitter a decorative extra fine rice paper. It is endless…

a times I cannot resist the temptation to buy all these different types of paper, but in the end are going to be expensive! You figure ranging from 59 cents to 1.99 per sheet! It’s crazy!

like being mind and get more of what I’m going through. It is good to negotiate with various craft stores before making a purchase. But some of us have to go out of our way to do it!…

Tip: using what he has and hopes for sales and discounts…

card that makes sources of paper is can buy to bulk, the stock and equipment. Sometimes we see the kits and only want certain designs or textures. Then we went to individual paper and end up spending $20 for 20 sheets when you can spend $20 to 200 sheets.

I learned that when you purchase the package that not only you save, you will find the use of all the designs for future cards!

Tip: always maintain their waste. They are practical to decorative punches, collages and even the envelopes! Use their waste to decorate envelopes… So you can never lose or throw paper!

after a while the paper can be expensive, so try to make each use, recycling and reuse for other projects.

purchase card paper supplies…

stock of cards

that are grooves rather than paper. They can be bright, regular rugs or mats, textured or glittered. You can already buy a whole sheet or cut. They offer shares of card by dark colors, pastel colors or themes, school, baby and so strong and range of different sizes

card Kits card equipment

are the previously folded card stock. Same as basic blank cards. They come with envelopes to game.

some craft shops also offer kits with decorative paper and cut with a single price inks from 3.99 5.99! These are good for gifts, beginners or even children!

supplies of paper making card are everywhere… Get them here online or any craft shops close in you…

there are many creative projects that can be created using different types of paper…

I hope that you found this site useful for your creative card ideas!

remember that many trees are being cut down to help us create our creations! Please Recycle! Envelopes

create homemade envelopes that match your creative cards… Instead of giving standard size envelopes that are flat. Not use your left over scraps to decorate… turn the envelopes into a work of art!

Tip: If you are mailing your creative cards, make sure not to decorate the places where the address is written to and from and where the postage stamp. Make sure that weighed before shipping out as shipping costs may vary!

a day had left over debris from the creation of a birthday card. I said, I don’t want the card to be very pleasant and the envelope will be very clear. So I decided to take all traces left behind which a birthday card and created my own unique envelope!

you can do almost anything with your envelope, using several handmade card making supplies.

cutting pad / art knives / scissors Clipper

when creating cards, good cutting tools is important. Here are some basic card manufacture of tools you’ll need to get a neat professional appearance.

Court – Mat cutting

come in various sizes and are available in any craft shops. Choose one that is large enough to cut from large-size paper. I have a x rug blue 23inches 23inches squares as I put on my work table. It’s a perfect size!

Tip: can be considered the purchase of a smaller for trips or small pieces of paper

knife / scissors

art knives and scissors is a necessity for the card cutting tools. Many craftsmen like me love to use x-Acto craft knives. It is ideal for detailed paper cut or to cut large sheets of paper

for those who have difficulty to handle sharp knives, I advise you to use an x-Acto knife which is more secure than a scalpel.

Tip: discovered that many craftsmen to local medical providers and buy KAI No.3 surgical knife and leaves, that will last long enough

scissors is another type of cutter that vary in luxury designs. It is use of basically all the purposes of the Court. Use a large pair for cutting large sheets and a small sharp for cutting small and detailed…

important: Please keep all objects away from children!

Tip: If you do not have any caps for your knives of used corks for bottles. It will prevent any type of incident

Trimmers for paper / paper cutters

a paper cutter is another one of my journals, cutting tools. It is good to cut photos, precision cutting and different sizes of paper. Use it to cut large sheets of paper for direct sizes for my decisions of the card.

hope you find cutting tools right that needs professional cutting neat for all your creative cards!

adhesives / tape / glue sticks

adhesives, adhesive tape and glue sticks are basic card handmade manufacture of inputs required for the card more creative projects. If you do a collage or just a simple card creative photo… More information

find the right card manufacture of glue and adhesive is important. You want your cards creative to last as long as possible and with the right glue and adhesives, you help ensure!

here is a guide to help you choose the appropriate card manufacture of glue and adhesives that you can find at any craft store.

understand the differences between types of adhesives, tapes and adhesives in spray… Do not list any brand in particular use as all over the world prefer different types.

use this guide to experiencing your own brand one and use it for your budget needs and is tailored to your type of project.

Let’s start…

double sided tape

when the tape of most of us here believe that Scotch tape. Double-sided tape is ideal for photos and that sticks to the paper.

many scrap bookers and I like to use this type of tape. It can be costly. I prefer to use many double sided tape for card making. Only to create creative photo cards.

Tip: Scotch tape can be used for all creative card making, if you prefer to use tape sided! Bars

glue glue is CHEAP and easy to use. That varies from size feather type ranging from the glue stick great dispenser of glue sticks. There are glue sticks colored to help, especially when working with children.

personally I don’t like using glue sticks to create cards because it is not permanent. Thus non-stick, or adhere very well. I prefer to use another type of card making glues and adhesives. But this is for children!

hot tail

hot glue comes in the form of solid sticks of glue are put through a hot and used glue gun. I use hot glue guns for all my card making crafts. ES ideal for embellishments (such as buttons and flowers, etc…) and save money compared with buying Ribbon…

glue guns are relatively cheap, you could get a glue gun and glue sticks to more stores of crafts from $3 – $10. Glue sticks usually comes in packs of 25-100 for a few dollars more.

glue is believed spider as strings, but don’t worry can be easily rubbed off. They also offer glitter glue sticks that you can use with glue gun hot, if it is clear…

cement of rubber

is of rubber cement tail thick and creamy that will dry clear. They can form either a permanent or temporary link depending on how it is applied

comes in a dark brown bottle and a hat with an attached brush applicator. It can be messy and is ideal for the production of all paper. Personally I do not use it for any creative cards as I have always had bad luck with it sticks permanently. Also the smell can be overwhelming after a long period of time

self adhesive foam circles

or square mounting foam adhesive are usually made of foam thickness and are adhesive on both sides. They come in various sizes. Do not use any of these!


budget mind pepersonas: buy regular foamies which are 2mm thick and cost me solo.49 cents! For a size 9 x 12 sheet. Shorter that however the size or shape that I need it, then add a little of my glue gun glue and it is good to go! Buy 2 sheets of white or black and it lasts me for est. 30 cards

is very good for 3-d effects and make him want to pop! You can be stacked one on top of the other for additional height. It is also ideal for labeling.

spray adhesive Spray

glue can be used for paper, fabric even photos. I’ve never used adhesive spray for any of my creative cards because I feel that it is better to use it for larger projects such as posters, large photos, creative boxes.

have seen other lovers of the card! And it turned out very well. I’m going to highlight a card using spray adhesive. So check behind that link and I can share everything with you!

adhesive glue

sticky glue is one of the many card making adhesive used to create cards. It is Elmer durable then regular glue. Dries transparent and creates a long-lasting bond. Be sure to read the label to see what type of material is best used with.

Tip: If you’re in a rush or hurry to get a fact card. Do not use sticky glue. Has been a long process for drying and recommend it dry during the night.

I don’t like to use my card because when it dries, you can see the creation of the right tail through the paper.

glue feathers

the tail feathers are great for precision sizing. It works well with brightness and for more detailed designs.

points of glue / glue Roller

there are many different sizes of spots of glue and many varieties of rolls of adhesive. They are really great because they are not dirty and are very sticky. I don’t like using them because they are very expensive. But it’s a big expensive glue for your creative card creations! UHU glue

glue UHU comes in a tube and stick. Many prefer to use as your brand one because it sticks better than others. All access of tail can be rubbed once dry, using a clean pencil eraser. I have never tried it, but I’ve read great reviews about it! Ink pads and ink

ink and stamps are mainly used for booking purposes scrap and rubber stamping all.

you can now create different techniques just to know what kind of ink and stamps work best for you!

use this guide to help you decide which type should be used best with your type of projects…

when I started I used basic colors. I suggest for starters, only that you would like to use the following colors also:

* black



* Green

* Red

* and blue

below are 6 types of ink I am familiar with the use of…

the final pigment ink is Color is a great inexpensive option. Works really well and I would like to use it for many of my creative card.

Studio G acid free ink pigment can be always on sale. I bought these for a $1 and it works very well with small stamps design. When times are hard is the way to go for the cheaper pads

Versa Mark Watermark Stamp pad is a must own. I use this type of ink pad for all my creations of rubber stamping. With it you can create very cool looking watermarks on note cards and envelopes.

pillow of pigment ink gloss creates a unique look of stamped images. I just use this type of ink. But they are often used by many lovers of the card.

Stazon buffers are solvent tampons and definitely the gum stain. It can be used for any surface such as stamping on plastic.

Tip: use wet wipes for cleaning your coupons.

also could as free dye ink pads acid memories. This type of ink pad is specially made for stamps from Hero Arts shadow. I like to use soft vanilla and soft sheet. I do not recommend the use of gold and silver because look at the finish, is going to be terrible. You can decide!

decorative hits

just use any decorative card punches, but know many lovers of creative card making and I love them!

some have intricate designs that many love to use it to create handmade cards.

when you first start making homemade cards, just need to get some. Personally never bought any because they are just too expensive.

but these decorative designs can last a lifetime and once you start using them you will notice its so easy to use and fun to create cards of designable with!

here are some of the basic patterns that you might like:

* beats of corner or corner rounder. great there to use if you want to round the corners. I like to use them with photos.

* shock of basic form. squares, diamonds, circles, triangles, rectangles, hearts etc… They also vary in size.

* long reach punches. allows quete deepest strike inside a card or any art project.

* leaves and flowers: If you like floral designs. They have a great selection in the leaves and flowers that can be used for any garden or flower card ideas you have in mind

* stroke support. this is a great tool especially for those who love to hit much. I have a friend that has one and you will love this tool. It is one of their favorites.

card making embellishments

use this guide below to see some of the many creative card making embellishments you can use in your creative cards…

there are many things that we would like to consider using our cards. Here are some card making embellishments that can be used to add glamour and 3-d effects to their card creations.

many of these ornaments are like stickers, eyelets, tassels, brightness, and many more.

Creative card making embellishments:

* slots: there are many ways to use eyelets. It is ideal for fixing of transparent plastic, vellum and tags for any home card. You can use for his punches hole in the card and woven wire through it.

* Brads: are similar to the slots but Brads do not have a hole through them. There also is ideal for tags and accessories. Some come in designs decorated like flowers, buttons and the flakes of snow. Also come in color coordinated with stations.

* buttons : before launching any buttons loose. Keep them. Make ornaments great card for any card. Had used in an idea creative card of Christmas and them hung on the tree as ornaments. So don’t throw towards outside.

* the grains of the alphabet: you can cadENA’s names, words or words for example… “L-o – V-E” or “B-a – B-Y”, birthday, wedding or even personal names.

most creative card making embellishments…

* fibers : locate any fibers may have laying around or just happen to come across. They are great for hang tags, lining of envelopes, stringing letters as their alphabet beads and create arcs.

* metallic threads: come in many different colors and are ideal to create creative tassels. It can also be used to create embroidery cards.

* tape: I love to go to tape my envelopes with the line or arches. Tapes you can connect to any of your creative homemade cards.

Tip: you can find many embellishments card use, as in their wardrobes, drawers, storage containers. Remember to search before you throw everything away. Even friends and family have some things could recycle and use your card to make ornaments.

seal of rubber

all about rubber stamping supplies.

below are some of the more common rubber creative sealing of supplies and tools that have already be used or is van to use to the create cards creative.

rubber stamps comes in many forms of variety: seals, seals of wood, felt seals and rubber Eraser pads that can even create clear stamps.

personally I dislike both use stamps. I feel that seals can be used in many ways and only have so many designs before many will use the same stamps.

Although the gum of stamping can become addictive when you start to create creative cards. You’ll want to own every image and every design that exist for every occasion.

supplies creative rubber stamping come in forms, images, scripts and can be worked with many creative card ideas.

here are techniques that you can use with all their rubber stamps:

can be:

* print

* paper


the watermark * Simple sealing

* decorate envelopes

* funds

* and many more!

here are some of the basic creative rubber stamping supplies that will make any card making.

remember, no need for some can even be replaced with items around the House.

* labels clear: clear discount coupons can in fact be costly. Most of them not come even with blocks clear for you to put your stamp and create clear images. So before you buy stamps clear think its expensive price.

* woodland seals: are the most common stamps that has existed for many years. Its cheap and some come with tree-lined streets, but that’s OK because some do not need them. They have a wide range of selections of the variety to choose. This is where I would start. Here is a guide to recommended ink and ink pads.

* seals of roll: I like to call them roll stamps, since rolling out borders beautiful on your cards. They are great for the creation of borders on labels, cards and envelopes.

Tip: use wet wipes to clean all your rubber stamps. Rinse and allow to dry. Don’t buy expensive cleaners seal while they do not work like baby wipes. She gets clean!

creative rubber stamping tools…

* heat gun: Milwaukee heat gun is one of the most favorable gun used for recording in relief. It’s cheap and does the job well. I have heard of people who actually use plates which may be sufficient, but I would not have the opportunity to burn the letters.

* brayer: that brayer is useful when creative cards are created. It is to create the Fund of any card or envelope or any creative project you have in mind. Roll on any platform of multicolored, obtain evenly on the rubber ink and rolling! You probably want to include this tool in its creative roster of rubber stamping supplies if you don’t have one yet.

* embossing markers: can apply you directly to your rubber stamps using different colors for the image. Let them dry and then add powder embossing on them. Then use them and apply them to your cards. I’ve learned that clear embossing powder works best!

Tip: be sure to store your bookmarks in a cool place to prevent dehydration.

today there are many images of rubber stamping companies with the artist in the House design so. Check out the different companies and see what kind of rubber seals will work best for you.

once you make an investment in stamps, there are many nice projects you can do with them and is going to last a long time.

I hope that all these handmade card tools that were useful for you!. I think you have to go out of their way to buy all this. Start small and once you get to make your own favorite hobby something is card making or scrapbooking, gradually begin to collect many of these supplies. And without realizing you’ll have a whole collection! Have fun and enjoy creating creative crafts.


How to Sell Handmade Sculptures and Figurines

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If you are planning to sell handmade sculptures and figurines made by hand, then you’re on a good start. In fact, industry products made by hand is at its peak today. More people are green going every day. Individuals and groups around the world continue to support the growing industry of handicrafts.

in the United States, a lot of organizations such as TransFair USA Fair Trade Federation, the world fair trade organization and Global Exchange support handmade products. In Tibet, the companies and organizations both manufacturing and exporting goods by hand. An organization called Tibetan crafts and paper Pvt. Ltd. supports a school with funds together. In India, handmade paper industry is successful. There are more one hundred fifty seven divisions of production of paper made by hand across the country. And in the United Arab Emirates, crafts in festivals such as the Mazayin Dhafra Camel Festival.

these only shows that the articles made hand such as figurines made hand and sculptures made by hand are appreciated in all the world. Anyway, you can start selling their handmade sculptures and figurines handmade in house. You can use a part of your home to sell to neighbors. Perhaps, you can display your merchandise in your garage or in your front yard. You can also configure a small booth outside his home. If you want to attract more buyers, it can be sold at fairs, art exhibitions and festivals also. Even so, you should always bring business cards with you. You have to give to clients, so remind your figurines handmade and hand-made sculptures.

on the other hand, can be sold online. Internet is really the best place to sell handmade sculptures and figurines handmade. Through this virtual marketplace, you can reach thousands of customers from various places. You can even reach buyers up to the other side of the world. If you’re a new entrepreneur, you may use the web sites of online stores. Here, you do not pay for anything, except for a percentage of their sales whenever someone buys one of your figures made by hand or hand-made sculptures. It will also allow both photos as you want.

However, upload photos of your hand-made figures and sculptures made by hand, make sure that the quality of the pictures is good. Also it must be sure that you have photographed every angle of every article. These photos are the only means to attract potential buyers, so you have to choose your photos. Once an interested individual sees a picture, it click you to read the description of the goods. Therefore, it is also very important to include detailed descriptions of their handmade figurines and sculptures made by hand.


Handcrafted Vs Handmade

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no matter how hard I looked for I could not find a definitive answer to the endless debate “Hand-made and hand-made”. If you are in any aspect of art or craft almost I can guarantee that you’ve had this debate before one way or another. So what do the experts say?

the American Heritage Dictionary defines “Handmade”. made or prepared by hand rather than by machine. The definition of “Craft”; to fashion or crafting.

Merriam Webster:

by hand; made by hand or by a hand in the process. Hand made; fashion by the craftsmanship. Handicraft;

1: a: b: manual skills an occupation that requires skill with the hands

2: articles formed by those engaged in handicraft.


to hand; crafted by hand or a hand

process; A work produced by

labor almost every definition was identical. For fun got out my dusty old seventh Webster’s new Collegiate Dictionary published in 1963 to see what they had to say 45 years ago. I wasn’t surprised to see that there was much difference. Handmade; made by hand or a hand process. Handcraft; fashion by the craftsmanship. Handicraft; 1a: manual skills. b: an occupation that requires a skill with the hands.

I’ve finally tried to find a more modern definition, so I tried Wikipedia. Handmade; It means something made by hand, instead of a machine.

much to my surprise the artisan Word emerged “no article title matches”. He tried to “what is handmade” only with a ton of ad for people who describe facts at hand (as you see) items for sale.

after several hours of research, I gave up. I think I’m going to have to give my story of handmade and made by hand and let it decide the classification chosen.

do since the majority is agree that “handmade” is a process of making something by hand, or with hands, means completely by hand or in the process of putting something with your hands? The definitions of reading I found which means almost the same thing.

that may receive you a puzzle for her birthday and with their hands. Crafts puzzle or puzzle crafted by you? What happens if you actually took a picture, cut into hundreds of pieces, then put him back together again, is hand-made or handicraft? You really did the puzzle right?

in an article I wrote vs crafts that I mentioned the definition of “Artisan”; “also referred to a” craftsman; Manual qualified using tools and machinery in a particular art”. An interesting interpretation of the theme.

si is presented with a kit to make a bracelet and it did, I think that your bracelet would fall under the “craft” category. Use your skills and build something prefabricated.

using the same analogy, if they were to use the same kit and produce something that is not a bracelet, or improved the bracelet using parts from a different way that describes or instructions, then you would still have “at hand”. If you were to actually make and add additional parts or mount kit differently, then I would say it is still “handmade”.

I think this because the purchase and use of items prefabricated for the creation of the elements of design jewelry or otherwise. I can buy jewellery or handmade beads to increase or to complete a piece of jewelry design and make. How I used the results, where I put them and the ability to design the jewels around the results of that use, call artisanal. It is this bad, no. Anyway, I used my hands and my mind (the most important) in the creation of a particular element. And Yes, I use a variety of tools to help me in the process.

as much as I would like to admit it, I think that “hand” should refer to elements that are made only of completely raw. If you raise the sheep, the wool process, then hand knitting on a carpet, would consider “handmade”. But wait, you need tools to weave a carpet right? So do it out of the category by hand? What happens if you use a machine in the process? But what happens if you that machine itself? Is your carpet hand-made or handicraft? Oh my gosh, is too much information overload for processing.

work with natural materials in a medium of art; Pumpkins are a natural material. I grow them, dry, clean sand, carving, inlay, beautify, paint and finish them in different ways. Still think made by hand rather than hand because Yes do the pumpkin itself. Simply use something and added to it with my hands and imagination. I use my ability to create something out of an existing element.

are a response to the difference between craft and made by hand? I have considered the classification to add to my work several times as I wrote this article. That sounds better, handmade or made by hand? I would do to you if they gave him the opportunity to buy an exact duplicate article; a traditional dial and the other hand? Does it matter that you knew that someone used his hands to create the element? They are reduced to keywords used in search Google or Yahoo on what to buy? Or you buy something you like? This is the final question.

the line I have to draw between craft and made by hand is the machine mass-produced objects made are classified as made by hand only because someone had to turn the power switch on off to start the process.

this debate will continue for more years than our time. It doesn’t really matter. To do a search for “hand-made” first and proceed to “craft” thinking that you will get a better result or exactly the opposite. Either way, what you will get is articles which are made by someone with hands. Someone who has put his heart and soul in the product hoping someone appreciate his work and purchase the item.

don’t limit yourself by what no one says. Handmade, hand is the same. If you like, I’d appreciate it, and it makes you happy, by all means purchase it. After all, it was hand made for someone special; you.